Living Waters Worship Center
1104 Idlewild Ave.
Green Cove Springs, FL, 32043
Pastor L.J. (Joe) Barrie III D.D.


Ages 0-3 years

The Nursery is available each service after Praise & Worship.

Infant Room

Toddler Room

Parents are asked to pick up their children promptly following the service.

Pee Wee
Ages 4-6 years

Pee Wee meets each Sunday morning service after Praise & Worship.

Teacher: Lakel Padilla

Vision Statement:

"As a teacher in Pee Wee Church, I feel that our classes are the start of a solid bibical foundation to lauch these children into their next learning level and finally to their adult Christian walk. It is such a thrill to see their little faces light up with excitment as we teach the bible stories created for their age level. They are like little "sponges" which absorb the Word as it is being taught. I feel honored to be a part of this time in their lives."

Children's Church
Ages 7-12 years

Children's Church meets each Sunday morning service, after Praise & Worship.

Vision Statement: 

"It is my desire that Children's Church be a place where each child is helped to build the foundation of their Christian faith. I want to lovingly present our Heavenly Father and His love and mercy towards them, and also instill in them that God has a special purpose and destiny for their life. I want Children's Church to be a place where we come together as a team, where each child feels cared for by their teacher and fellow classmates, and where they are supported by their teacher and classmates to be all that God wants them to be."

Teacher: Jennifer Pena

Powerhouse Youth
Ages 13-19 years

Powerhouse Youth meets each Wednesday night service, after Praise & Worship.
(This class also meets in the Children's Church room)

Teacher: Alana Anderson

Vision Statement:

"It is my goal that Powerhouse Youth be a safe haven for our teens to run to as they grow up in a dark and sometimes confusing world. It is important to me that the teens understand that each of us is "IN it, but not OF it!" I want the Youth to know the promises that God has made to each and every one of them and help guide them toward fulfilling the Lord's purpose in their lives. Our aim is to follow the Word and become a light in the darkness: 'When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.' (John 8:12)"

Wednesday Night Kidz
Ages 5-12 years

Wednesday Night Kidz meets each Wednesday night service, after Praise & Worship.
(This class also meets in the Pee-Wee room)

Vision Statement:

"Our goal in Wednesday night kidz is to study the word of God in a way that makes it easier for kids to understand- bringing it to their level. We keep things interesting by doing variety of crafts and games to further help the kids get a better understanding of who God is and what he has in store for them. We want our children to be EXCITED about the Lord!"

Teacher: Deborah Stravato
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